Learn Everything There Is For You To Know When It Comes To Agape Love

According to the book of Peter, chapter one verse four to eight, is was stated there that it is very important for us to love one another because love usually covers a plethora of sins. There are quite a number of ways on how you can show your love to others and there are several methods as well on how to celebrate it like engaging in Valentines Day. Valentines days just come and go and when we think about it, we always think about how it is a day full of love and romance. Now, if your loved one becomes extremely sick, what do you do then? Do you prefer to be with them and stick with them until their illness go away or will you choose to abandon them as they have become someone you do not know of?

According to the Bible, if we are going to love, we have to do it unconditionally, just as what Jesus did when He was here on Earth. The Bible called this kind of love as Agape love. Talking about Agape Love, one very important thing that you should know about it is that it is defined in ancient Greek as much deeper sense of true love or a form of general affection, something that is different from passionate love that we feel for each other. One great example of Agape love is the love that Jesus Christ has for us because he is willing to sacrifice himself, by dying on the cross, just so we can be saved from all our sins. The unmeasurable and unconditional love that He has for us is what covers us from our sins. In addition to that, He loves us to the point that He is willing to declare that we are forgiven for all our sins, not to mention how He encourages us to go to Him, ask anything in His name and that He will give it to us. Now, my friend, if you think that this is not true love, then I no longer know what is.

Another form of Agape love that we want you to know of is the love that a Mother has for her child. She conceived us, carried us for nine months, suffer the side effects of pregnancy and give birth to us, this form of love is something that only a Mother can give. Surely, you do know about how Mothers are the strongest and the most fearless people we will ever know, not minding the risk of giving birth just to give us the chance of being with her, feeling the love she has for us and seeing the world she has lived in. Our Mother’s love may not be on the same level as our Lord Jesus Christ’s love yet, it is something that teaches us some great lessons. The love that Our Blessed Virgin Mother has for Our Lord Jesus Christ is the best example of the love that a Mother has to her child. Our Blessed Virgin Mother is the queen of all queens, accepting the responsibility given to her by the most high (which is to bear his child) just so the world can be saved. She is willing to bear the pain of losing a beloved Son just so humanity can be saved. This form of love is the purest and truest of all.
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